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PCR Testing Services

Next generation PCR Saliva Test for COVID-19


The Saliva Direct RT-PCR test received FDA EUA approval in August of 2020.

The Saliva Direct test is considered a next-generation RT-PCR test for COVID-19 and all its variants as it does not require mRNA extraction to test specimens. The result is a fast and flexible specimen collection system that does not require special handling, temperature, or storage.

Medport Web LLC is committed to the safe collection of specimens from all test subjects. All nurses and proctors who coordinate our company’s specimen collection, are fully vaccinated.

Concierge Same Day COVID PCR Testing

We only strive to make it easy for you, whether testing or results. Our 3-step decisive same day PCR testing is committed to the highest quality tests and trained testing staff.

sample collection

Our healthcare staff uses saliva collection to extract respiratory material from your mouth. Swab testing is also available. The saliva method is simple, efficient and provides equally accurate results for COVID testing.

Our Featured Same Day RT-PCR COVID-19 Testing Services

Medport Web LLC is here for your convenience. Don’t have time? Do not worry. We will send a qualified and vaccinated nurse or proctor to your location. Remote collection is also available as an option for those wanting contactless collections.

Accurate medport web    Same Day PCR COVID-19 Testing

Medport Web LLC’s lab is fully CLIA certified, with lab staff who take a personal stance on the importance of accurate and reliable testing. Our lab is open 6 days per week, Monday through Saturday.

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