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COVID-19 Antibody test results within 10 minutes.

GenBody COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid Diagnostic Kit

  • Product Details

    Devised for:

    • Bulk screening
    • Sero-epidemiologic investigations
    • Testing in asymptomatic, weak symptomatic or latent periods o Complement of molecular testing - Each unit can be used once - Results available within 10 minutes. - Kit includes: o Individually foil-pouched test device with desiccant o Assay solution in dropping bottle
    • Capillary tube for sample loading
    • Instructions for use

    Results of Clinical Evaluation Study site: Dankook University Hospital (Korea) and Dongbang Hospital, Shanghai (China) Testing date: Feb 15 2020 - Mar 05 2020 Complete research study available upon request.

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