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Quantitative immunoassay analyzer using disposable cartridges to provide in vitro diagnostic results in just 3 minutes and 2 steps.

NanoEntek FREND™ System COVID-19 IgG/IgM Duo

  • Product Details

    The FREND™ System is an in vitro diagnostic device that uses microfluidics technology and immunofluorescent techniques. 
    Disposable plastic microfluid chip continuously mixes, reacts, separates, and quantitative analysis on the chip. 
    This is a source technology that is the foundation for bioengineering experiments and point-of-care test (POCT). FDA 510(k) cleared device.


    Recommended use at a minimum of 8 days after the onset of symptoms for accurate antibody test results.

    Sample of 381 specimens, 8 days after symptom onset using the FREND System resulted in ~100% PPA (positive percent agreement); 97% NPA (negative percent agreement).

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