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The first FDA and CE certified respirator mask featuring a completely safe antimicrobial fabric. Spacious construction results in our most comfortable fitting mask. Available in 2 adult sizes and a smaller size for kids.

Everpure Antimicrobial 10-day Mask

  • Product Details

    Reusable respirator mask featuring the industry's first US EPA certified sterilized fabric. Unlike ordinary disposable facial masks, the fabric itself (not a potentially harmful coating) has an antibacterial property that allows it to be safely and effectively reused for over 10 days.


    The Everpure mask's 3D trifold design with elastic ear loops and sturdy nose wire comes in 3 sizes to provide a custom fit for a variety of face shapes. This mask's unique spacious construction ensures the mask stays lifted away from the nose and mouth for optimal comfort while wearing.


    The Nanocomposite non-woven fabric has passed 8 hazard tests from 2009-2015 and has US EPA stability certifications. FDA and CE certified. Sturdy yet breathable structure allows for use in clinical and non-clinical settings.

    Manufactured in South Korea.

  • South Korean KF94 Mask Standards

    KF94 is the Korean standard for 94% effective particle filtration, the Korean equivalent to the US N95 mask rating. South Korea has been extremely efficient in their response to COVID-19. By conducting widespread testing, keeping close track of confirmed cases, and managing the distribution and use of certified masks, Korea has effectively contained the outbreak.


    KF94 classified products are required to meet a lower inhalation resistance standard compared to the N95.  Additional tests required for KF94 standards include a CO2 clearance limit (prevents CO2 building up while wearing) and human fit-tests. These restrictions ensure KF94 certified products are breathable and ergonomic as well as effective. KF94 (like CE standards) also tests filtration performance with both salt and paraffin oil, unlike US certification agencies, which test with only salt particles.

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